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Poster Mash Up

Posted on Apr 21, 2009 | 4 comments

Posters are a way of life here in Rome. Whether they be for political policies, protests, social causes, the circus, or just art. Today I was walking near the Circus Maximus where there was a large stretch of posters and came upon this interesting mix. Posters are just glued one on top of the other and I was really struck by how the torn piece on the top poster, which is one in a series about immigration that I posted about a few months ago, blended beautifully with the lower poster. It accidently made its own piece of art – I love it.


  1. Very expressive! very italish 🙂 I like the capture!

  2. I admire a lot the art that is created by scratching and adding layers. Posters in the street are fabulous. This foto is wonderful. You can compose and decompose a lot. It seems like a public and “natural” collage. I will be waiting for more.

  3. Irina and Mario – Thanks so much for the compliments. This is the only shot I got of these posters but it’s something I’ll look for in the future.

  4. My fav is the girl with the poodle – just love it! It looks like a filmset ….

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