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Poster Pasting

Posted on Apr 22, 2009 | 5 comments

Yesterday I posted a shot of some overlapping posters and today I bring you some shots of them while they’re being hung. Now these shots are not of maximum artistic quality, but I came upon these guys doing their job in hanging up some new political posters and wanted to get some discrete shots, so I kind of carried the camera around stomach level and fired without being able to look in the viewfinder. Not too shabby given that fact I think!

So as you can see, not too much to it. A bucket of glue (wheat paste I think?) and a broom and you’re done. Today is Earth Day, by the way….what would probably be good for the earth is if they stopped wasting so much paper on these posters!


  1. You would be a perfect spy. I was just going to compliment on your reportage photo skills!

  2. Haha I would make a good spy! I can be pretty slick when I need to be 😉

  3. So THAT’s what Bill Posters looks like!

  4. Cool spy shots !!!

  5. be entertained

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