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Street Caravaggio

Posted on Apr 19, 2009 | 11 comments

Hi everyone, sorry I’ve been quiet on the blog this weekend, but I have a nasty cold that’s kept me in bed and out of photo taking commission all weekend. So while I will not be venturing out into the rainy Roman evening to capture one of the Natale di Roma events for you, I am instead going to post these photos that I took after the My Local Guide opening. As you know already, I was wandering down via del Corso when I saw this—amazing! For those of you who don’t know, this is a rendition of Caravaggio’s St. John the Baptist done in chalk. I’m a huge Caravaggio fan and was so amazed at the quality of the work. I wasn’t the only one, in the few minutes I stopped to take some pictures, many others gathered around to see this piece as well. There are two versions of this painting in Rome, one at the Musei Capitolini and one at the Galleria Doria Pamphili. I would especially recommend visiting the Doria Pamphili if you can, as it’s a really fantastic collection in a beautiful setting. Complimenti to the artist….seriously.

PS. I should also write that the artist wrote their web address across the frame, so check it out for the history and other work. You can find them at:


  1. Hi Jessica, hope you are feeling better soon. Thank you for these beautiful photos of really good art.
    Some of these street artists have really good talent.

  2. amazing

  3. Hi Paul, thank you! Their work is amazing, no?

    Truemilk! – Sei un grande! I was hoping someone would have the right link, now I will update the post.

  4. Beautiful and so interesting.

  5. Caravaggio IS impressive. I saw his Beheading of John the Babtist in Malta a couple of months ago and its absolutely amazing. As is these images of street art.

  6. Hi Jessica,
    Great pictures and also a great link. I enjoyed all. I hope your cold is gone. Joan

  7. Christopher – I am SO jealous! I’ve been wanting to go the Malta for years specifically to see that piece.

    Hi Joan – Glad you like both! Cold is on its way out thank goodness. I hate being sick!

  8. I agree that while the Pamphilj collection is good, and the Borghese better, and the Barberini magnificent (esp Judith and Holofernes), it is the free Caravaggios around the city that I always seek out – S Maria del Popolo, and the absolutely sublime St Matthew’s Calling and two others in S Luigi dei Francesi (and others of course!) I THINK I have seen all Rome’s caravaggio’s and a goodly proportion elsewhere – especially at exhibitions held in recent years in Sydney, Melbourne and London – but one of my retiremement plans is to do a Caravaggio Grand Tour and visit them all! This will perhaps necessitate a visit to Sarasota in Florida, and I have never had any desire to go to Florida. Yet, I could cheat and tick it off, having seen it in Syd and Melb (still life – fruit on marble shelf), but it is one of my favourite non-figurative Caravaggios.
    Aaah – I always throw that coin in the trevi to ensure ONE more visit to Rome!

  9. grazie per i complimeti. è sempre bello sapere di riuscire ad affascinare qualcuno con le nostre opere. possiamo rubare le tue foto per inserirle nel nostro blog?
    il tuo reportage su Roma è molto interessante!
    ci vediamo in strada!

  10. Para – Si` prendi che vuoi! Chiedo solo che mettete il mio nome e il blog come credito. grazie per i complimenti sulle foto. alla prossima!

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