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Umbrella Man

Posted on Apr 14, 2009 | 2 comments

Another photo from Frascati, in Piazza San Pietro Apostolo. It was looking a bit cloudy when we arrived, so the umbrella sellers were out in force, ready to pounce if there were any drops. Luckily there weren’t and it cleared up beautifully, but I was quite taken with his show of how “strong” the umbrellas were. They even look classier than what we get in Rome. Keep in mind that these umbrella usually have a maximum opening potential of 20 openings before they fly off and break. But also keep in mind that you normally pay about 3 euro for them.


  1. Bellissimo! Great capture. I’m following you on Twitter, thanks for sharing this. Ciao

  2. Ciao Lola, thank you for following me and reading the blog!

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