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Bulgari Retrospective at Palazzo delle Esposizioni

Posted on May 20, 2009 | 4 comments

The beautiful people were out in full force as Bulgari held the press opening of its exhibit “Between eternity and history” 1884-2009: 125 years of Italian jewels at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni. The show will open to the public on Friday and runs through the end of September. Bulgari is a Roman institution, as the family started the company here, with its first store on the via Sistina. They say that diamonds are a girls best friend, and I must say that I’m definitely looking forward to checking out the exhibit. I still remember a Cartier show I saw the Met in New York as a teenager, and I’m sure this will be equally impressive. Plus, I love the Palazzo delle Esposizioni as an exhibition space. The building has an impressive history of its own and was built not too long after the Unification. There was a huge collapse of the roof, a renovation, and another collapse before it finally reopened in 2007 (don’t worry….the roof works now!). Just a tip, the bookstore is amazing and also carries interesting jewelry and design items, the bar is also nice and has a huge terrace. Apparently there’s also free Wi-Fi! This is a rarity in Rome and I haven’t tested it out. Anyone else? Anyway, I’ll be heading over to check out the jewels sometime soon.


  1. How am I going to get three men to go with me to the Bulgari exhibit??? With so much to see while in Rome, so little time, and three male traveling companions, I think this is just not going to happen for me!
    I went to the Cartier exhibit at the Met with my husband while there on business. It was VERY interesting! Unless I can find some amazing thing to entertain my men while I take in the jewelry, I’ll have to rely on your descriptions to satisfy my curiosity about all the “bling”!

  2. the party was amazing with lots of stars! the jewels are incredible. you will love the show.
    Also- the shop now carries a selection on bulgari jewels + accessories..not to be missed!

  3. I must check out this exhibit!

  4. Yes, I’ll be checking it out this week, as I think then some of the jewels will be traveling around the world as part of a small traveling exhibit. Petu, I’m still super jealous that you got to go to the opening! However, I did enjoy all your celeb stories.

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