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Contesta Rock Hair Store

Posted on May 7, 2009 | 8 comments

Here is my rule, whenever I need something cool to wear for a special event or just want to throw something fun and fashionable into my wardrobe, I always stop at the Contesta Rock Hair Store first. For the past four years the store has been in Piazza degli Zingari, just next to the Contesta Rock Hair salon. The store fits right in here in Monti, which is, in my opinion, the up and coming neighborhood for fun and young fashion and art here in Rome. The clothes fit right in the middle price range here in Rome, so not H&M or Zara but definitely not Prada prices either! Besides clothes, you’ll always find a fun range of accessories and shoe (there are often fashionable, yet comfortable Scholl’s found here). And the store isn’t only for women. An upstairs loft has clothing and accessories for men as well.

So all of this would be good and well as is, but the real reason I love the store is its owner—Bibi. A native Roman, Bibi has an impeccable eye for fashion and on more than one occasion has pulled something off the rack that I overlooked but he knew would look good on me. And he’s always right! Like a lot of creative people I’ve met here in Rome, he doesn’t just run the shop. He’s also a DJ and organizes a lot of events in town, such as Paradise Lovers at Rising Love. This means there’s always good music playing in the store, especially funk and old school soul. And on top of this, he’s just a very nice person, what more could you ask for?

Contesta Rock Hair Store
Piazza degli Zingari 10
open Monday 4 pm – 8 pm, Tuesday – Saturday 10 am – 8 pm


  1. Il tuo è il più bel blog su roma e in genere su una città e anche di più ..che abbia mai visto. brava. Ciao 🙂

  2. Wow Arzach….grazie mille del cuore!

  3. Love that stripy hat

  4. I’ll take the hat in the top shot. So cool.

  5. Jessica – while doing some research for my upcoming trip to Rome (May 31st!) I found your blog! Wow – your photography is amazing! Until now my pictorial exposure has been limited to Frommers and Rick Steves, and I’m absolutely thrilled to see the REAL Rome through a true artists eyes. Thanks for your commentary as well. Now I know some places and people I’d LOVE to meet. I’m going to bookmark your page, read it every day till I leave, and I will make sure to stop in at the Contesta Rock Hair Store and do a little shopping, and maybe get that hat if Babooshka didn’t beat me to it (if they’ll let a 50 year old in who doesn’t like to wear Grandma clothes!)

  6. Ooooh! I am so glad you wrote this! I love Joe jeans, and will have to check this out (when in Rome, of course – less than 2 months!)

  7. Haha wow the hat is a hit!

    Judy – Your comment is too sweet! And actually that’s exactly what I wanted to do with this blog. Guidebooks are great, but they’re just that guidebooks for travelers and don’t really give the fuller picture. And by the way, fashion has no age in Italy! That might be one of the biggest differences I see here because women of every age always make the effort to be fashionable. Bibi will take good care of you 🙂

    Gail – Glad to hear you’ll be here as well! Is it your first time. Haha, I hadn’t noticed the brand of the jeans, but glad I could help.

  8. Dico davvero. le tue foto sono troppo belle e poi raccontando piccole cose – facce, gesti, particolari – raccontano storie e fanno un ritratto di citta bellissimo. beh però adesso basta co i complimenti ..Ciao :-)arzach

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