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Fiat 500

Posted on May 12, 2009 | 8 comments

A Fiat 500 parked in Piazza Navona. I see them all over the place, but I especially liked the color of this one and thought it was funny sitting there parked on the side of the piazza (which doesn’t normally have cars in it). Fiat was started by the Agnelli family, who remain hugely important and is one of the richest families in Italy. They’re also quite quite prone to scandal, especially the newest heir Lapo, who was found overdosed on cocaine the apartment of a transsexual hooker in 2005.


  1. That is a real car! Cool photo 🙂

  2. I love the FIAT 500. This car has so much style. That is the original Mini!

    Buenos Aires Photo

  3. very nice…have been looking for the definitive fiat 500 shot and i think you may have pulled it off!

  4. One of my favorite memories of Italy has and always will be the Fiat 500! 🙂 Great shot!!

  5. The Fiat must be why I feel so drawn to Italy! My first car was a Fiat Spider – flared hubs, racing wheel, RED. I bought it with my own money, owned it for 6 weeks, then a dear friend convinced me that college was a better option than driving through the mountains in my cute little race car. I’ve never quite gotten over it….
    Great picture!

  6. Great photo. I love the Fiat 500, the classic and the new ones.

    The design on the latter is just gorgeous and I understand why it’s winning so many awards.

    Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino is coming back.

    Back in the States they used to call it “Fix It Again Tony” so I’m curious to see how the re-introduction to the American market will go.

  7. You forgot to talk about Lapo’s second wind and fashion career. He started his own line called Italian Independent ..not the best but I thought it was worth mentioning

  8. Ciao tutti….glad you enjoy the shot. The Fiat is really so classic.

    Debs – I’m flattered you think I might have got the shot!

    Judy – Did you sell the car?? No!! Haha, you could have done both no? Oh well, there’s always time to buy one vintage, no?

    NYC – Haha, I hadn’t heard that abbreviation, but that’s find of funny. I’m not surprised that they want to bring it back now that people are thinking about smaller cars. Did they bring Smart cars out yet in the US?

    Petu – Thanks for the reminder, you know you are my source of gossip on this stuff.

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