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FotoGrafia Festival Internazionale di Roma

Posted on May 30, 2009 | 14 comments

FotoGrafia, Festival Internazionale di Roma finally opened yesterday here in Rome. It’s the 8th edition but almost didn’t happen (I’m assuming from lack of funding and support from the city) and was even delayed, but now it’s here and runs until August 2! The main heart of the festival is at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni. I went yesterday with a friend to see the free portion of the show, which features up and coming photographers. To enter use the entrance on via Milano, by the bookstore. I really enjoyed the work of two photographers in particular who work on different themes about Rome that I’m quite interested in. Guy Tillim, whose photographs of Rome as an urban landscape and Geovanny Verdezoto, a 25 year old Ecuadorian, whose pieces explore race and immigration in Rome are amazingly talented and I encourage people to go view their exhibits. It’s free people! It can’t get any better than that. Eventually I’ll pony up some money and see the pay exhibit that’s upstairs.

The other free event I went to in conjunction with the festival was a talk with photographer Nan Goldin. I’ve got to say I didn’t know her work before, but now looking at it it’s quite beautiful and she was a very interesting person with a lot to say about photography. She partly talked about her disillusionment with the onset of digital photography because of all the manipulation you find with it, which really spoke to me.

There are satellite events all over the city in different galleries, academic academies, and photography schools, making the city filled with photography all summer. One particular event I’m going to call your attention to is FotoX1000 which is opening tonight at Sala 1, a space reserved for young photographers, in San Giovanni. The idea was conceived by Francesco Amorosini to try to gather 1000 photographs from 1000 photographers all over the world. Using Flickr as his vehicle, he’s been wildly successful and tonight the show opens to display works from Italy to Ukraine to Kuwait to America. Each photo is supposed to represent the theme of “Joy,” which is this year’s overarching theme for the festival and at the end of the opening guests will be invited to take away one piece of photography. That’s correct….free art! I am happy to say that I’m participating as well and contributed some shots that you have seen here on the blog (Hanging Out, Gasometro, the red button from the Elevator, Happy Sign, and one of the Turtle Fountain shots). If you like any of these, come to the opening tonight from 7 pm and it can be yours. Or pick another one….just come and support the event. Sala 1 is located at Porta di San Giovanni 10.

As for the photos, I shot these yesterday walking up via della Consulta. As often happens, this just jumped out and grabbed me because it was so….retro. Enel is the electric company here and this service cabinet has obviously not been opening in decades! That made me laugh for some reason. The writing on the sign says it dates from 1986 and I think it literally hasn’t been opened since. Check out the cobwebs! Maybe it’s silly to someone who isn’t a transplant here, but these are the little things that make me chuckle and thinks “Ah yes, we’re in Italy…..of course there’s an electrical service cabinet that hasn’t been check in forever. No worries.”


  1. Nice post. I enjoyed it.

  2. Great post. I hope you’ll have success on FotoX1000, it’s well deserved πŸ™‚

  3. what a fun event to attend.

  4. Nice blog! Keep updated!

  5. you have nice pict and great skill

  6. Stopping by from “Blogs of Note!” Congratulations on being featured. You have a fantastic blog and I love the photos!

  7. Thanks everyone! The event was really cool and a lot of people came. I took away a nice photo for myself which I now have posted on the mirror in my room. It’s always great that you can find these sort of events happening here.

  8. Hi,
    Girl, you're an artist!What a great picture.

  9. Carpe Diem – Thanks so much! After spending so many years studying other artists, I'm only now (kind of) starting to think I could call myself that. One of the shots from this series will definitely be going in my show.

  10. nice pict and photos

  11. Thank you survey!

  12. very cool. do you speak italian?

  13. KLBK – Si', parlo italiano. πŸ™‚

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