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Posted on May 23, 2009 | 10 comments

Summer has arrived. Since Monday it’s been really hot here in Rome (all over Italy in fact). It’s been in the high 20s (Celsius) all week and does not look to be letting up according to TempoItalia. I’m still horrible at the conversions after all these years, but I know that over 24 Celsius is hot! No basically it’s 80s to 90s Fahrenheit range this week.

This photo shows air conditioning units that dot the Guardia di Finanza building on the via Nomentana. They’re pretty old school looking, but at least they have them! I don’t have air conditioning in the US either, never grew up with it, but there are definitely times I would not mind it now! You won’t find air conditioning widespread here and even where they have it, don’t expect any super cold blasts like in the US. I find they’re normally during on just enough to cool the room a little.


  1. We have also had some pretty higher than normal temperatures this week in Toronto. We haven’t given in and turned the a/c on yet. It was so crazy to me when I was in Calabria not having a/c but the houses managed to stay pretty cool that you didn’t need it. Although the hot days we went into the city was almost unbearable. Hope a nice cool breeze finds it way to you to give you some relief! πŸ™‚

  2. You think high 20s is hot? Get ready for high 30s real soon! I always freeze in the air-conditioning in the US, have to take a sweater with me everywhere I go!

  3. Air conditioning ain’t no healthy! Ah ah that’s why we love it! Eh eh.. anyway a lot of people prefer a light A/C instead of a blizzard trough your back that can freeze your muscles or get you catch a flu while sweated. I have one in my room but during hot nights i leave it just dehumidifying the air, it makes you feel 4-5 (c) degrees less and you don’t sweat, more halthy, you sleep nice and the heat of the morning does not hit you in the face as a ramming bull of fire πŸ˜‰

  4. I’m actually not a fan of super blasting air conditioning either, feels too artificial. I remember I worked in an office in the US where during the summer I had to bring a sweater in! And then when you went outside it was scorching hot….weird! Haha 3mendo, I see you subscribe to the colpa di vento theory, but if that were true millions of Americans would be getting the flu during the summer and it does not happen! Anyway, I normally just have a regular fan that I aim at my during the night, that does a good job as well.

  5. I love, love, love this shot! Stunning!

  6. Fans are a worker best friends!

  7. that one is nice

  8. Thanks Chicken!

    3mendo – Giusto…fans are my best friends πŸ™‚

    100fm6 – Thanks for visiting the blog and thank you for the comment. I hope you’ll return!

  9. Love the angle and the fact that it’s in B+W. Looks a very 50s shot.
    Congrats on becomming Blog of note too.

  10. I like this pic a lot, cool angle

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