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Posted on May 2, 2009 | 11 comments

I took this photo yesterday at the beginning of viale Eritrea in the neighborhood known at the Quartiere Africano (most of the streets are named after African countries). I’ve been meaning to get a shot of one of these lottery kiosks for quite some time because they always make me laugh. You’ll find them all over, selling not just lottery tickets, but often bus tickets and sometimes cell phone top ups. This is one of the oddities in Italy to me still, that you find such random specialized things, like a booth made just for selling lottery tickets. I think of this photo as a bit of a companion to my In attesa shot.

The Quartiere Africano is kind of a strange place in and of itself and I remember looking at a few apartments here when I first arrived. Viale Libia is huge and has a lot of shopping, which is nice for people who live out here because it means you don’t have to go into the center. Politically the area is very “nero,” and all over the place you’ll find posters for the Forza Nuova and huge memorials to members of the Fascist party, such a Paolo di Nella, who was killed by a blow to the head in 1982 while pasting up political manifestos. It makes you remember that political tension in this country is something still very alive and well.


  1. Great detail and colors!

  2. These specialized “shops” is a large part of the Italian charm. But it also makes it a bit difficult to us ignorant tourists to find what we’re looking for πŸ™‚

  3. this blog is amazing!! ^^
    i’m from Rome and i think that you have totally captured the soul and spirit of this city

    i’ll definitely come back here to see the next photos!


    Elsa skelter

  4. Hi Snapshutter! Thanks for the compliment. Your last few photos have been spectacular as well!

    Christopher – Yes, you are definitely right. It is something I do love about Italy even if it is a bit strange. It did, however, take me a long time to understand where to buy things.

    Elsa – Thank you very much! It’s always especially nice to hear from a Roman who likes how I’ve captured the city. Grazie mille e continua leggere il blog!

  5. Hi Jessi, glad to know you still swing by my blog, no doubt you’re very busy. You latest photo (the guards), very nice. I like photos that play tricks with your mind and make the eye wander back and forth πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Snap – Yes, I definitely do still try and make the rounds! Your shots are great, I’m sorry I should be a more active commenter! And thank you for talking about the way your eye moves about the photo. I love that quality in art and really try to do that with my photos if possible.

  7. i am not sure you have the dynamics of Di Nella's death quite right, you might want to check w/ some other sources

  8. Ciao Anonymous – I did look at several different news articles online, and they pretty much all said the same circumstances that I wrote above. Definitely there is always room for error, but the information I always try to verify things as much as I can when writing. Thanks for visiting and I hope you return!

  9. allora penso che non hai capito bene la differenza tra il verbo attaccare e il verbo attacchinare; se hai dei link alle tue fonti saro' lieto di correggere anche loro.


  10. de nada — alive and well indeed.

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