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Mercato Rionale Monti II- Fruit Chronicles

Posted on May 18, 2009 | 8 comments

Many of you enjoyed my post about artichokes at the Mercato Rionale Monti, so I’ve been planning my return ever since. Last week Maurizio, who runs the produce stand with his wife and was a photographer himself at one time, put together this delicious looking display of fruit for me. One thing I’ve noticed here is that you’ll always find fruit on the dessert menu. Almost always it’s pineapple (ananas) and also strawberries (fragole), if they’re in season. You’ll also find fresh pineapple in many cafes, including Antico Caffe del Brasile. I’m not the biggest fruit eater in the world (at least not compared to my colleagues who are always munching on fruit in the office), but I can’t wait for fresh watermelon in the summertime. My love for it is combined with the refreshing taste, but also the word for it ā€” cocomero. It’s just such a cute word to say (or at least it is for me!). And for all you Italian language lovers out there, yes I know the official dictionary term that one learns for watermelon is anguria, but I’ve never ever heard that used in Rome, even though I’m pretty sure it’s used as the term north of here.


  1. Why does the fruit look so much better and vibrant in Italy-tastes better too. Love the colors in the photo

  2. You’ve done it again Jessica! More beautiful food to make me even more anxious for our trip (13 more days!!!). And now of course I MUST know the address of the mercato so I can put it on my list of places to explore. By the time we arrive I will have many places to visit because of your blog – they will seem like old friends once I arrive.

  3. Beautiful vivid colours…you should check out the colour carnival blogspot if you like memes. This would be a perfect posting…there’s a link on my clearlyflew blogspot.

  4. Superb post. Bravo!!! You take beautiful photos. I admire you for having the guts to move to Rome.

  5. great job jessica. the colors are mouth watering! what kind of camera do you use?

  6. Nonna – Less preservatives! Plus, nothing looks good under the lights at the grocery store.

    Judy – The market is on via Baccina (which is a side street of via dei Serpenti in Monti). You can’t miss it. Just tell Maurizio that Jessica sent you šŸ˜‰

    Chicken – Welcome to the blog and thanks for posting. I’ll check out that theme!

    frenchie – Thank you very much. Sometimes I can’t believe I did it either! Glad you are enjoying the photos.

    Garret – Grazie mille. I use a Canon Rebel XTi.

  7. Very nice colors and display. I can just imagine how good those taste. Europeans take the quality of their fruits and vegetables very serious.

  8. If I were younger I would love to do what you are doing. I think all of Italia is beautiful and historic. My relatives on my father's side came from Cosenza, Calabria in Southern Italia. Of course, they did not have much money but they had big hearts. Most of them are gone now. I visited in 1973 when I was 20. I assume you speak Italian. When did you learn? How did you learn? When I came back to the US in 1973 I took 2 years of Italian. I did not learn everything but I have always loved the language as well as my heritage.

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