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Quirinale Cavallo

Posted on May 31, 2009 | 10 comments

Friday after work I walked up to the Quirinale to take a few photos. The Quirinale was once a papal summer home and is now where the President of the Republic lives. Some of you might not realize that there is a President of the Republic as -ahem- certain other people steal the limelight, but there it is true. Actually he doesn’t have much real actual power and is more of a figurehead, but the current President of the Republic is Giorgio Napolitano. The Quirinale is on one end of the via del Quirinale has a huge open square in front with a sculptural group depicting Castor and Pollux in the center. And of course there’s a small obelisk in the center of the group because what would Rome be without its obelisks. Called the Fontana dei Dioscuri, it was built in the 19th century. As with most sculpture of that period I’m not super impressed with the final result and wonder how impressive the original fountain probably was, as in the 16th century sculptures from ancient baths were moved here to form the figural group. Somehow they got lost with restructuring of the square and so we’re left with what we have now. This photo shows the hooves of one of the horses set against the clear blue sky. Ha…I guess the hooves are my favorite part!


  1. Hi Jessica!

    I will check ur blog often cause u have the ability of giving a different perspective to to common places!

  2. Thank you Dario!

  3. Why don’t u post something more about ur daily life? it’s interesting…I am always guessing if your ordinary life in Rome could be any different than mine (and any other’s). Since you have this ability to let things shine, maybe your life it’s not that ordinary!
    I think that such posts are the most interesting, at least for I am Italian (and I live in Rome)!

  4. Ciao Dario – Good question! I decided when I started the blog that I didn’t want it to be necessarily about me personally. In truth, my life is ordinary – I go to work, see friends, etc. My life is actually just like most people’s (Roman or otherwise) who live here. I write about my life only if my experience has something to do with the photos or if you see my Lunedi’ Mattina posts, I visually represented what my morning is like. But I never intended for the blog to be a personal diary of mine and I actually prefer for it not to be. I’ll definitely continue to insert personal experience or stories as relevant, but honestly if it were more personal, I probably wouldn’t write as much as I do!

  5. I remember this view!

    Your Blog makes me miss Rome less and more..thank you for sharing the small parts of the city I have grown to love!

  6. Really nice shot.. i passed under those horses a lot of times and still you managed to give me a different gaze at them… eh eh.

    About our Presidente della Repubblica, the main powers he has are: “He has to sign for any law to be approved” he can refuse just once to make the parliament check the law they wrote or can suggest some change, but at the second time he must approve it” and “He’s the one who can dissolve parliament”. They seem not big powers but somehow theese things helped us and are still helping, not to fall in a dictatorship again. No political squabble, just some rudiments of public laws i had.

  7. Your blog is great as it is…I’m just curious about how a young american perceives Rome and what she likes to do and dislikes..I suppose after the job u go wandering for the city searching for unusual spots to shoot, don’t you? That is what I mean, not that you should keep a precise photo diary of your life! It’s interesting if you share the train of thoughts that leads you in a certain place and the inspiration making you shoot certain things!

  8. Just love the way you’ve framed this photograph. It’s just beautiful. And well done for being named a blog of note. Fabulous!

  9. i really like this.
    there are some great photos on here which i have spent ages trawling through.
    (i should be revising)

    have a look at our blog.
    there is a batch from verona and the northern lakes from last summer.
    it was my first time in italy and i was really taken aback by its charm.

    im coming to rome for 3 days in about 2 months before moving on to near pisa for a week.
    cant wait!

  10. Simone – Ciao…glad the blog brings you memories of Rome.

    Dario – Ah ok, I see what you mean. Sometimes I do write that if there is an interesting story or intent behind the shot. Sometimes, like with this one, I more just thought “Hmm, I need a photo for the blog and I haven’t been to the Quirinale so let’s go there and see what happens!” 🙂

    Jilly – Thank you very much! I always try to find a new and interesting way to shoot something that’s already been photographed a million times. I like the way this turned out.

    fotogasm – Thank you very much. I’m happy that you like the photos. I’m definitely going to check out your blog and have fun here in Rome!

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