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The Guards

Posted on May 6, 2009 | 6 comments

It started pouring rain and hailing yesterday afternoon as I made my way toward the Pantheon to meet some people. Sometimes with all the other great stuff here in the city, I forget that Rome is also the capital and therefore houses all the government bodies for Italy. I remembered this as I watched these two carabinieri, dressed in their fanciest of uniforms, walk in the rain sans umbrella to go over and guard the front of the Senate, which is located in Palazzo Madama. Of course only in Rome could the Senate be housed in the palace where the Medici once lived. Love the hats!

Edit:Yes, this post originally had two photos but everyone was so much in favor of the first that I’m keeping it to just that.


  1. Jessica,

    Very nice and colorful street photography…..


  2. I love them both but the top one is top notch! Old/new . The colors of the uniforms just pop! Great job.

  3. The guards uniform is so eye-catching! They look fantastic on your first composition.

  4. Wow…if only US Capitol Police dressed with such refinement!

  5. I love the carabinieri. This is almost a fashion shoot. It reminds me of the PInocchio scene where he gets taken away by the guards

  6. Ciao Harry, grazie mille!

    Virginia & JM – That's what everyone said! So I took about the second one, which I wasn't sure about putting up in the first place.

    Fly Bro – We're in Italy my friend….they know how to jazz it up here πŸ˜‰ Any fun uniforms in South America?

    Petu – I've gotta look up the Pinocchio thing, I don't remember that part πŸ™‚

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