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Una Mostra per l’Abruzzo and Stick My World News

Posted on May 25, 2009 | 7 comments

On Friday I mentioned the special exhibit happening at MondoPop to benefit the victims of the earthquake in Abruzzo. I attended the opening of Saturday, where there was also a live painting performance by artists Zelda Bomba, Diavu, Cesko, and Riot Queer. This performance was for the Versus 4 exhibit, which I’ll explain in a minute, that is also at MondoPop. You will see my other photos of the artwork and evening in the slideshow below. The show is up until June 13, so you have time to go and make your purchases to benefit a good cause (hurry though, some pieces have already been sold!).

The second half of my news is in conjunction with two events, Versus2009 and Stick My World, that were conceived by artist Omino71. Versus2009 is an idea which brings two street artists together to exhibit their works simultaneously in any location they choose. They each exhibit pieces of their own, as well as collaborate on the poster for the event and some pieces for the exhibit. Omino71 and Mr. Klevra (who collaborated on the piece I shot in my Hope and Resurrection post) were the first to exhibit their work in February at Maud in Rome. Exhibits have been happening all over Italy since that time and the list of participating artists is quite impressive. All the exhibits will have finished by May 31, which also happens to be the deadline for Stick My World. This idea was also conceived by Omino71 when he decided to sticker his old Vespa using stickers he’d received from artists all over the world via an announcement on Flickr. In fact, it’s his Vespa you’ll see when you click the link to my Vespa post. The project was so popular that the event has grown in size with a surfboard being the next item used and this past autumn a Fiat Panda was the next to be turned into a piece of art.

So how is this all related?

Well, on June 21 the latest edition of Stick My World will be held at Circolo degli Artisti. Artists have until May 31 to get their stickers in and they’ve now moved up a level, as a camper will be used as the canvas for the stickers. During the event there will also be some of the work from the various Versus exhibits from around the country. There will also be a custom toy contest that many of the artists will participate in.

I’d been reading about the project online for quite awhile and so was really happy when I received some good news a few weeks ago. News I can finally share with you all now that it’s all confirmed. Omino71 and Mr. Klevra have asked me to participate in the evening as well! Myself and photographer Francesco Amorosino will be having our own Versus, a photography versus, that will be realized through shooting a special project that Omino71 and Mr. Klevra will be doing in June. I don’t want to reveal all the details (although they’re pretty mysterious so not even I know everything!), but the results will be shown in a photo exhibit on June 21 at Circolo during the event. I hope you’ll come out to see both the photos and the rest of the art that will be up during the evening. Coordinating something like this is no small task and I have to hand it to all the guys (Satoboy, NoBrain, Gianzo, Cut&Paste and Mr.Klevra) that are helping with the organizing, as they are doing this because they love it, not because they’re getting paid!

Read more about the event:

Illicit Exhibitions (in English)
Ziguline (in Italiano)
Ziguline (in Italiano – intervista)

stick my world + versus2009 = stick my vs (design by nobrain)


  1. I will try to be there! Also because i love Circolo 😉

  2. Davvero un bel lavoro Jessica! Tienimi al corrente quando ci sono queste iniziative 😉

    Questo genere di set si presta molto bene ad essere pubblicato su così come abbiamo fatto per il Vinyl Factory. Fammi sapere se hai voglia di condividerlo. Quando realizzi set così basta dirmelo che lo pubblichiamo.

    Vorrei tanto venire allo Stick My World, ma probabilmente in quel periodo non sarò a Roma… farai un reportage per me? 🙂

  3. Ciao Roberto – Bene! Poi ci incontriamo.

    David – Certo…hehe basta che segui MondoPop (anche su FB) e riceverai notizia delle mostre. Se vuoi pubblicare il set su iShotPix certamente puoi. Non ci sono tante tante foto. Spero che possa venire a Stick My World, ma se no ovviamente faro’ tante foto 🙂

  4. Excellent…

  5. Grazie Alsul! I hope you’ll return to the blog often.

  6. I also love trattoria Monti!! I had one of my favourite ever meals there. Blow it a kiss for me when you next visit xx

  7. Thank you for sharing some fab pictures and congratulations on your fine blog. I look forward to browsing some more in future!

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