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Urban Decay

Posted on May 19, 2009 | 7 comments

Another wall…another door. This time on via del Governo Vecchio. I’m very fascinated with the textures that you find in decaying buildings like this. I’ve met a lot of people traveling from the US that are shocked at how “run down” things are, but hey, when a building is 500 years old that what it looks like. And honestly, I think it’s quite beautiful.


  1. The subtle distinction between “old” and “ancient”…

  2. Run down? hmm. confused personages.

  3. “run down”? Do they know Rome is over 2500 years old?

  4. This is why I love Italy.. things are not “Disneyfied”. When I first visited Prague I fell in love with the old, soot covered, derelict facades, a few years later I returned and was disappointed that everything looked so brand new. In Italy, whether by neglect or choice buildings are allowed to grow old. I’d rather have it that way.

  5. I’m tell you….I’ve heard it more than once! I think people who’ve never traveled outside the US can be a bit shocked by it? Garret, you definitely said it best! Who wants to live in Disneyland?

  6. Great photo! Love the textures and colors. Personally I like the look of old and ‘run down’. It adds character. And if one really wanted to, could put on a new layer of stucco, and it’s good for another hundred years. Can’t say that for our wooden boxes over here.

  7. Snaps – Yes, very true. Some do lay down the money for a new skimming of stucco. Older construction is better….that’s why it lasts for 100s (or 1000s) of years!

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