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Versus on the Road and Exhibit News

Posted on May 31, 2009 | 13 comments

I headed out to Garbatella this afternoon to meet up with Mr. Klevra and Omino71 in order to shoot the first phase of the photo exhibit I’ll be doing as part of the Stick My Versus event at Circolo degli Artisti on June 21. Garbatella is a very interesting neighborhood in and of itself, one which I plan to return to in order to shoot more photos, but today my work was to capture the art installation Mr. Klevra and Omino71 created. They’ve been working on a huge number of posters that depict the same Madonna and Child from the Hope and Resurrection post. Today we entered into a lotto, which are housing blocks built in Garbatella that were built in the post WWI era. There they hung their colorful and touching posters from the clotheslines and let them blow in the breeze. The wind was strong and it was beginning to rain a bit, so the installation was brief, but long enough to capture many great photos. On our way back to the car we wandered by an old sticker they’d put up, which was still hanging on…faded but beautiful! The photos I’m posting are just a taste of what I shot. The best photos will not be posted on my Flickr account or here, but will debut on June 21 at Circolo degli Artisti, so be sure to stop by. Personally for me it’s quite satisfying to participate in something like this and collaborate with other artists, so I hope you enjoy.

In other exhibition news, I will be having a solo exhibition at Al Vino Al Vino enoteca in Monti (via dei Serpenti 19) opening on June 15 at 7pm. The show will have a selection of work from the past few months on the blog and I’ve attempted to select photos based on pairings that I thought complimented each other (or were each other’s “twin”). All the photos will be on sale, so if you like something come by and buy it! (Yes, that was a sales pitch). The photos will be up at Al Vino Al Vino until the end of July, so you have awhile to stop by, but I’d love to meet as many Roman readers as possible at the opening.

Stick My Versus
Circolo degli Artisti
via Casilina Vecchia 42
June 21, 2009 starting at 7 pm
Free entry

RomePhotoBlog Exhibit
Al Vino Al Vino
via dei Serpenti 19
June 15 – July 31
opening June 15 at 7 pm


  1. Olá, passei para dar uma olhadinha em seu blog, muito interessante. Parabéns.

  2. Congrats! The vibrancy of these images is lovely. I can not wait to see more of your work!

  3. Wish I had found you last week before my trip to Rome!

  4. fabulous pictures. i really enjoyed reading your blog.

  5. Those are quite ill. Good Job. Hope it goes well.

  6. wow.. those pics are good.. are those inspired by the image of the Mother of Perpetual Help?

  7. Celio – Non parlo portuguese ma capisco che intendi e grazie mille!

    Girlon – Me too! Oh well, hope it brings back some memories.

    Simone – Thank you. It was just about the rain and the air was quite wet, sounds silly but I think it helped make the colors pop.

    Arrrzzz – Thanks! I’ll definitely be posting about the show when it happens.

    Jeanls – I’d have to ask the artists, but I don’t necessarily think it’s based off of one icon specifically. I know Mr. Klevra took a course in Byzantine iconography and some of his work has been inspired by that. If you look at a lot of Byzantine icons they have this type of quality, which also matches the Mother of Perpetual Help.

  8. Many American tourists visit Rome to see the art of the classical and the renaissance periods. But Rome is also home to a vibrant contemporary art scene, as your photos show!

  9. Jessica,
    Great pictures as always. I really enjoyed the slide show. Thanks for posting it. How about planning another exhibit of your photos in November/December 2010 when I will finally get to Rome again.

  10. Primavera – Very true and of course there is so much of that here it's easy to see why! I try to feature a lot of different things though because it's harder for people visiting to understand there is contemporary stuff happening here and even if it's slower to catch up with some of the other great modern art cities, we're trying!

    Joan – Thanks, glad you like it! It was a really fun afternoon and the artists were a lot of fun to spend time with as well. I hope I'll be having a show when you are in town as well!

  11. Marvelous pictures, got stunned..

  12. I was expecting to see the normal, boring touristy photos here when I read your blog title on Blogs of Note, but I was mistaken. What gorgeous photos you have captured!

  13. DJ – Thank you very much! It's easy to make such beautiful artwork look good.

    Umama – No normal, boring photos here! (or at least I hope) Part of my goal is to do things a bit differently. Hope you continue to follow along.

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