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Vespa "alla Romana"

Posted on May 13, 2009 | 10 comments

While we’re on the transport kick, thought I’d post this shot of a Vespa I saw on via del Governo Vecchio. Of course in true Roman form, it has the AS Roma sticker on it. This is how a Vespa should look — not shiny and new, but used up a bit and taken for a few spins around the block. I’ve gotta say, while I’ve ridden as a passenger on a few scooters and motos here, which was amazing, I’ve never had the pleasure of being taken for a cruise on a Vespa! Che peccato! Oh and for something fun, check out this Vespa, which was part of a sticker expo last year. Can you imagine taking to the streets with that? Talk about customization.


  1. I believe it’s against the law to carry a passenger on a Vespa…although you’d never know that from looking around!

  2. Wonderful photographies, I score your blog to visit it.

  3. I would love to ride around Rome on a Vespa. Very cool

  4. Saretta – Hmm…yeah you could be right. I remember they changed the law not longer after I moved here that you couldn’t have passengers on the smallest motorinos.

    Charly – Thank you very much! Welcome to the blog.

    Bath – Well…I’m not sure about driving one myself! I would be scared to death. But I’m good with being a passenger.

  5. Eh eh eh.. truly typical.. another sticker i notice is that almost vanished “Kailua”, it’s the name of a small shop on Via Appia, selling all sort of weird clothes, weird for that time, you know famous brand logos but with different words, like parodies, i used to go there often, they had the most wonderful t-shirts and i still have one that is more than 10 years old, so we can say, truly truly roman.. and old.

    @Saretta, Vespas come in different engine size, the one in the pic seems the 50 special, so one shouldn’t carry a passenger on it, but now on 50s you can have a passenger if the veichle is approved and has the appropriate license plate to prove it.

  6. Ciao 3mendo – Cute, glad I could bring back the memory for you! Is the shop still there?

  7. @Jessica

    Unfortunately it closed some time ago… but you can find this weird stuff all around… the shop alone just didn’t have the pourpose anymore… but hey great times!

  8. You couldn’t pick up a more roman Vespa! The owner is a supporter of the Roma football club. Great photo!

  9. Now I want a scooter, and it must be a Vespa.

  10. Valeria – Yes, very Roman no? I see vespas everywhere but this one just had to be photographed.

    Dusty – Haha, I want to see the photograph of your scooter when you get it 😉

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