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Attack of the Election Posters

Posted on Jun 4, 2009 | 11 comments

Elections for European Parliament are coming up on June 6 and 7 so the city has been attacked by political posters once again. Seriously, I think Italian posters are the cause of the downfall of the rainforest. It’s really insane what a waste of paper it is. Here’s lovely Mr. Berlusconi’s face plastered all over the place next to Carlo de Romanis, a candidate for European Parliament. His catchphrase says something about a vote for him is a vote for youth. Please…if you want to know the type of youth that Berlusconi cares about check out this great summation of things from La Repubblica, which they’ve translated into English. And as usual, some of my favorite street artists have a great artistic commentary on the situation.


  1. wow,the posters(is it posters?) are huge!
    i'm interested to be like you, study art history and culture of rome haha

  2. Those have to be printed in pieces…I wonder what they do with the posters once the elections have ended..think of all the artists, day care centers and schools that could benefit from recycling them…

  3. I wonder how Berlusconi will be able to save his face, after those pictures appearing in El Pais, about all the girls in his Villa Certosa!

  4. These posters are very common phenomenon during different kind of elections around the globe, I think

  5. Cats – Haha, wow I'm flattered!

    Simone – Nope, each poster is one piece of paper. I just passed by this place again and the posters were gone. They were blasting them off with water to clean off the wall. Often though they just keep getting pasted over with new posters until they are so thick they fall off the wall. Other times they are just torn down.

    Farfallina – Berlusconi unfortunately has gotten away with much worse. He has a annoying habit of twisting things to make people believe they are "lies" that the left is telling.

    KKH – Yes, I've noticed more posters in other European cities as well, especially Spain. They are an overwhelming part of Rome.

  6. I know… I wish people would finally stop voting for him. But I guess most southern people are afraid. His power is immense, and I guess a true democracy is lost!
    But then, I wouldn't know really if there's anything better to vote for: I stopped following Italian politics since I left Italy. (I'm only following the gossip they are spreading about Berlusconi all through Europe! It's impossible not to notice!)
    Love your pics by the way!

  7. Interesting photo of the political posters. It must be interesting as a foreigner to follow Italian politics?! Any predictions? When will we know the final results? Regards from EAGAN daily photo in Minnesota, USA

  8. There is a phrase for the overlapping of these countless posters, especially on those metal boards constructed specifically to host them – "le lasagne elettorale", the electoral lasagne. The layering of the paper mimics the pasta dish. Near me in Trastevere, there are some "lasagne" that simply fall off the walls because there are so many piled on top of each other.

  9. Farfallina – It's not just the people in the south though, many people in the north are also voting for him. Unfortunately the options on the other side aren't fantastic either making it easy for people to continue the way things are. It's one of those things where everyone I talk to says they hate him, but mysteriously he's getting elected.

    Leif – I wish I could give you more insight but it's pretty hard to follow to be honest! I get the feeling that the right will continue to win, but we'll see. From what I understand the European Parliament doesn't hold "that much" power, so it's kind of just a cushy job. For instance my friend from Sweden told me most Swedes don't even bother to vote in this election.

    Context – Aww "le lasagne"….what a nice term for something so ugly! There are a lot falling off around where I live as well. It's funny how all the politicians talk about how Rome needs to get "cleaned up" and yet they contribute to a large part of the ugliness in my mind.

  10. Wow. Jessica I just read the link you posted and watched the video with Noemi's ex.

    I don't think this scandal is going away due to the upcoming divorce and Italy's economic situation.

    He's really outrageous. I think he might have finally gone too far. The country, along with the rest of the world, is in a economic crisis and he's hanging out with 17 year olds? Flying them to his villa on state planes?

  11. Hi NYC – Unfortunately even though his popularity went down a bit, his party still remained strong. Unfortunately I think his control over the media here has caused a lot of people not to see the truth. La Repubblica is one of the very few publications not in his grasp and they are doing the right thing. However, I think the sad truth is that this won't motivate enough people in the country to do something. I'm not sure what it will take, but I hope it will change soon! Italy deserves better!

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