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Down by the River

Posted on Jun 29, 2009 | 7 comments

I made my first trip “down by the river” this weekend and took this shot. The view is one of the best reasons to go, with the ruins along the Tiber and the water flowing by. However, I’ve got to say I was disappointed overall. It used to have a kind of down home, dive bar type of feel to it, but long gone are the peanuts and delicious panini. Now beers cost €6 and all the kiosks have a kind of generic whitewash to them. I guess it got popular and “cool” so now it’s kind of ruined (at least in my opinion, if you are in town and have never gone before you’d probably like it just fine). There’s not even the ridiculous “country” bar with a dance floor where Italians used to country line dance. Sigh, that used to be a big highlight. However, I did find an awesome stand that looks like someone’s attic exploded all over the place. Old records and magazines from the 60s and 70s. They have all these old Italian Playboy magazines from the 60s with awesome photos and weird old toys. I’ll bring my own beer, but go back for that next time.


  1. Popularity leads to commercialisation which most often just ruins everything. I can sympathise with how you feel!

  2. is it more commercialized that last year? sigh.

    I haven't been yet. Maybe the further north up the Tiber you go the less "sceney" it is.

  3. Im visiting Rome in a few weeks. Any suggestions on some must see spots? I've found some helpful info from people who have visited Rome on But it would be nice to hear from someone who lives there. Btw Baraaza is having a photo contest you have such great photos you should enter. =)

  4. I was at the same location yesterday afternoon, and I said the same thing to myself – I'm in total agreement. I remember years ago it was a fun place to hang out – now all the alcohol makers and other commercial giants have taken it over.

    Regardless, I like the photo!

  5. Hi Saretta – Yes, it's very true. I'm not opposed to some commercialization I suppose, but it can certainly take the flavor out.

    NYC – Hmm, I'm not sure really. We walked a huge length of it, almost the entire thing. I might have to check out the other side on the Tiber Island.

    Melissa – Hope you have a great time in Rome! Hmm…must see spots? Well, most of my must see things are on the blog, but one place I can't photograph inside is the Galleria Borghese….my fav museum in Rome hands down.

    Keith – Glad it's not just me who thinks so! It really is a beautiful atmosphere and I still think it's cool they do something with the space for the summer, just with they weren't trying to make it so "cool."

  6. Wonderful night photo! Looks like a really cool and fun place to hang out with friends. Looks like somewhat challenging lighting for the picture. Bravo!

  7. Okay, Jessica, you're killing me, here. So many great photos. Here's my question: Where's the Blogger Follower's widget? I don't use Google Reader.

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