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Forte Prenestino

Posted on Jun 25, 2009 | 5 comments

This weekend I finally went to the Forte Prenestino for the first time. There’s really no excuse for why I hadn’t been sooner except that it is far from my house. Forte Prenestino is one of the largest (if not the largest) and most famous centro sociali in Rome. It’s been a centro sociale since 1986, but the history behind the building is that it was a fort from the late 1800s that was then purchase by the city of Rome in the 1970s and left abandoned until taken over as a centro sociale in 1986. It is enormous and takes up a quarter of a kilometer along the via Prenestina, which runs south east in the city. As with all centri sociali they do tons of cultural events and the reason I went was to see the Crack! Festival, which has been running for 5 years and features comics, prints, and design. Different artists were given rooms in the subterranean areas of the fort (which runs forever) and the bottom photo features the room designed by street artists UNO, Alt97, and MRF, whom readers of the blog will recognize from previous posts. I don’t have a wide enough angle lens for you to see that the room was like a zipper opening up to expose the photos, with a zipper tab at the top. The top photos shows one of the above ground corridors, which are painted with amazing murals. I didn’t take a ton of photos because I just wanted to enjoy the night really. There is a huge outdoor area with DJs, bars, food, and tables to sit and enjoy. I’ll definitely be going back again at the beginning of July when Forte Prenestino will host to Occhi Rossi Independent Photography Festival.


  1. Im really enjoying your blog/photos at the moment!

    The top picture with the intriguing glare is really awesome!

  2. One of the 15 forts built to defend Rome, but never used.
    Some of them is abandoned, some is still used as military base (Forte Braschi, Forte Antenne, Forte Bravetta).

  3. amazing…
    I wonder how photographs like these add importance to the actual place though it really must have the ambience of those times as i nfer from the pics…

  4. Hi JT – Thanks, glad you like them!

    Numero 6 – Grazie mille! It would be interesting to take photos of some of the others as well.

    Mayank – I hope with all my photos that I'm able to capture a bit of the ambience and tell the "story" of each place.

  5. The red light is incerdible.


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