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Lotti – Garbatella

Posted on Jun 23, 2009 | 6 comments

Garbatella is a neighborhood of Rome located just south of Ostiense that is quite well known here in Rome, even if most tourists never visit it. The area was constructed after the Unification of Italy when a main train terminal was finally being built (yes, it took until the 1870s to get that under way….Rome being somewhat behind the times isn’t a new thing!). With all the workers being brought in to work on the railroad, housing had to be built, as poor workers were getting by with shoddy accommodation. From this need came the Istituto Casa Popolari (ICP), which provided public housing. And of course because this is Rome, even the public housing is quite beautiful in its own right. These photos show two different plaques clearly labeled with the ICP stamp and noting the “lotto” (housing block) number of each apartment.

Garbatella has come a long way since its public housing days and is know as a very tight knit neighborhood with left-wing leanings and an undying love for AS Roma. At some point I’ll get good photos of a very famous mural of Roma soccer players painted on one of the buildings. The lotti are now very sought after for housing and its almost impossible to find real estate here because families have held on to their property, which was passed down generation after generation. There’s also a lot of good restaurants here, though not lively night life, so maybe that’s why people don’t visit (that and the combination of no “famous” monuments I guess). I’ll do a more extensive shoot in Garbatella at some point, but this is just a little preview for you.

As usual I couldn’t decide on the shot to post. I love the top one for the texture and shadow, but I think it’s cool how you see the laundry hanging from the second one. What do you think?

For more info on Garbatella, check out a nice article on the Hide Side of Rome and RomeArtLover.


  1. I love the top image..has a lot of depth and moves the eye in and out..the bottom one looks as if it was a photo montage :)..again, thank you for sharing Rome

  2. Ah… Reminds me of my five months in Rome washing clothes in the bathroom sink and hanging them outside. Even laundry looks picturesque in Rome! I do like having a washing machine now, though I never did buy a dryer back in the States. Somehow my laundry is not as cute here, though. Aluminum siding doesn't set it off quite as well as the rustic plaster walls!

  3. I wonder how photos can change your perception about the place.I so much want o visit these places afer I see this..

  4. Hi Simone – Thanks for your comments. No photo montage on the bottom, just a matter of getting the right angle 🙂

    Recessionista – Wow, five months of sink laundry…you are a trooper! Haha yeah I actually did write about stendini a few months back and not having a dryer. I do miss it, though you get used to it.

    Mayank – I'm glad that you like the photos and that they make you want to come visit a new side of rome!

  5. Roma non basta una vita!
    I have been there.
    Have a nice weekend.

  6. Kostas – Very true! There are still many places I've never been. One of the nice things about the blog is that it forces me to get out there and see more.

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