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Priest of the Month

Posted on Jun 12, 2009 | 12 comments

Seriously, does anyone believe these guys are really priests? A friend of mine bought this for his friend at home as a joke and we flipped through it. I’ve never seen any priests like that walking the streets of Rome. It reminds me of the Sex and the City episode when Samantha tries to seduce the Catholic priest. So cheesy it makes me laugh. This one was stationed right next to the “Cats of Rome” calendar. They must sell though because I think they’ve been around for ages. (No offense to anyone who’s bought one!).


  1. hunky priest!

  2. When I was in Rome last summer all I did was run into handsome "oh my good why do you have to be a priest" priests…it was the big joke of my visit! but I did not see this calendar or else I would have bought it to add fuel to the fire! lol…

  3. Wow! Yea, the priests at my church look nothing like that!

  4. I would start going to Church if I had a priest like that LOL

  5. Those calendars crack me up.

    Like Simone I do see hot priests all the time. It could be because I live so close to the Vatican.

    I did a double take of one particular priest and almost broke my ankle falling off the sidewalk.

  6. damn, that priest is cute! rome, here i come!

  7. Do they have any Nun calenders?

  8. Hi Jessica,

    I just discovered your Blog and I think your Pictures are really great!
    What camera are you using to take your Pictures?

  9. Handsome photo! I bet they raise more money than a bake sale! Kind regards from the "Birthday boy" at EAGAN daily photo

  10. You guys are so funny 🙂 NYC and Simone, I can't believe you really see hot priests? These guys aren't my type (a bit too romance novel for me), but I would definitely look twice if I actually saw one of them. PS A friend of mine said one of her friends made out with a model from this calendar….he was definitely not a priest. And her friend was definitely not a girl!

  11. Where can I buy one of those calendars? It would be a great gift for some of my coworkers.

    • You’ll find them all around Rome at souvenir shops.

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