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Roma Estate

Posted on Jun 19, 2009 | 9 comments

On the flip side of my photo yesterday, here you’ll see the much more picturesque version of the Tevere (or Tiber as it’s known in English) all set up for the summer. I mentioned last month that during the summer the river transforms into a location for restaurants, shopping stalls, clubs, and bars. It’s one of my favorite things they do for the summer. See, the weird thing here is that as of the last week of June, a good majority of the clubs and bar close for the summer and often open up temporary homes by the beach. That’s all well and good but for someone without a car, like myself, it’s quite annoying and leaves you with not many options in the summer. As I approach my 4 year (!) anniversary here in July, I think back of how confused I was when arriving and finding everything closed! Oh how the times have changed. Heading “down by the river” with friends and getting some drinks is one of the options that I look forward too. Unfortunately it’s getting a bit more pricey, as the places that open up get nicer each year, but I’ll still take it. I look forward to munching on peanuts, drinking beers, and watching the river with friends.

For more about “down by the river” you can see the official site for Lungo il Tevere (which is what the initiative is really called, but I like “down by the river” better).


  1. Love this view of the river and the contrasts between light and shade

  2. This was one of my favorite walks while in Rome. On was my last day in the city it was pouring rain but I was determined to find the Synagogue Museum and ended up following the river to it…Thank you for the memory

  3. I think that's a wonderful idea! Very beautiful location for drinks with friends.

    Lovely photo too. The light is beautiful!

  4. Great location indeed! I love the way you see things in Rome, a true inspiration to me.
    Ciao da Verona

  5. Looks beautiful. Plus the way you write makes it look even better. You completed four years there. I know time goes by pretty fast.

  6. yea! DB!!! looking forward to it too!
    let's just watch out for the tricky muck holes along the path shall we!!
    great pic, love the painterly!

  7. Great location! Love the light in this photograph

    Sorry cheeky question but could you add my photo blog to your blogroll! Its called Photo Fingers and its updated weekly. I will of course reciprocate if you do choose to add me!

  8. It sounds sooooooooo cool! I lost my fave house mate to Rome this morning (his home!! I have an invite to visit him and you have given me a fab idea!! Thanks!

  9. Simone – That's a good story! Glad you ended up finding it. The Synagogue is beautiful.

    Hilda and Valerie – Thanks so much!

    Gautam – Thank you. Yes, time does fly. In some ways it doesn't seem like a long time and in some ways it does.

    Jessica – DB! I will surely be watching out for muck holes at all times, but thank god you are there with Purell in hand just in case.

    SBunting108 – Thank you, glad you like the photo. For the blogroll, I'll have to see. Sorry, but I try to keep them as small as possible so they don't take up the whole blog. But I'll surely take a look.

    London Belle – Oh no, you'll have to come visit and now you have some ideas of what to do!

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