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Smooth Criminal

Posted on Jun 28, 2009 | 1 comment

My little tribute to Michael Jackson comes in the form of probably the most famous street performer in Rome. Those of you who have visited may recognize that yellow shirt, which belongs to Marcel Gorgone. Marcel has been performing his finger puppet in Piazza Navona for what seems like forever and is a true part of the history of the square. He’s been featured in newspaper articles and television show both in Italy and abroad and even has his own website. I know someone who lived in Rome for many years and she first saw Marcel right when she moved to Rome. She had such a fond memory of it that every time she comes back to town, she goes by to watch the performance again. Marcel does a finger puppet act that consists of a few different songs, but without fail always finishes with Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal, moonwalk and all. I took this shot on Saturday and was wondering if he’d still do it, and of course there it was in all its glory. All jokes aside about how odd Michael’s life was, his music is so universal it’s hard to imagine anyone could come close to what he’d accomplished.

1 Comment

  1. Next time I'm in Pz. Navona I should check out his performance. There's always a crowd and I'm usually just cutting through the square so I never stopped.

    Nice MJ tribute.

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