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Stazione Tiburtina

Posted on Jun 26, 2009 | 2 comments

A lot of people only think of stazione Termini when they think of the train, but stazione Tiburtina is the other major hub of trains, and the hub of coaches in Rome. Located on the northern part of the city, let’s just say you’ll always find something “interesting” happening. They’re working on a plane to renovate the whole station, but its grunginess is part of the charm. Trains here go to Tivoli, the airport, and beyond and across the street you’ll find all the coaches that go to Calabria, Abruzzo, etc. I was waiting here for friends last night on my way to Strike and took this shot of the train arrivals/departures. I love these old school train boards with there clacking tiles as it refreshes with information. That noise will forever remind me of the trains here, though now in Termini the boards are newer and electronic (not as fun). I really wanted to capture the movement of people walking by, but like the anchor of one person being still and clear in the shot.

By the way, don’t forget that if you are in Rome, you can still see my photos up through the end of July at Al Vino Al Vino. They’re all up for sale, so if you see one you like, just email me to work out details.


  1. I like your photos and i'll go to the Enoteca Al Vino Al vino to see them. A glass of wine cannot hurt!!

  2. Ciao Francois – Thanks so much! Hope you make it over. And yes, a glass of wine is always nice.


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