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The Main Event: Stick My Versus

Posted on Jun 22, 2009 | 6 comments

If you’re a regular reader of the blog you’ll know that this weekend culminated a project that I’ve been talking about for awhile. For those of you who don’t know about Stick My Versus, read the following posts in order and you’ll get an idea and know about my involvement (Hope and Resurrection, Stick My World News, Versus on the Road, A Whirlwind Weekend).

So of course I wake up the morning of the event and it’s pouring down rain, and I’m not talking a little rain, but sheets of rain. Great..the area of Circolo for my exhibit is outdoors. However, it stopped and I arrived mid-afternoon to hang my side of the gazebo. Finished everything and it was looking good, but the rain started again….and went on forever. Though the gazebo was mainly covered, rain was coming in sideways due to wind, so we came up with an alternate plan and they were nice enough to give me a lot of wall space to do my own photo show, complete with added artwork by Mr. Klevra and calligraphy by Mister G. Though it wasn’t what I first planned, I thought it came out well.

As you all know, my photo show was just a small part of a much larger project and you’ll see all the photos of the evening in the slideshow below. Paintings, toys, flyers, and of course stickers, were used to frame the artwork of the evening. I’ve got to say I had the most fun actually putting stickers on the camper. It makes you feel like a kid again. And I can’t tell you the quantity of stickers….boxes and boxes from all over the world kept coming out. So who is the owner of the camper? It’s a young couple that agreed to turn their vehicle into a living art project and they’ll definitely be using it, so let me know if you spot it in Italy or Europe. I’ve got to say, they’ll definitely have the most unique camper on the road.

Congrats to Omino71, Mr. Klevra, Gianzo, No Brain, Satoboy, and Cut&Paste who worked really hard to make the evening happen. Notwithstanding the strange weather, I think it was a big success. As for my photos, I’m working on getting them hung in a show for a bit longer so more people will get to see all the work put into it by myself, Mr. Klevra, Omino71, and Mister G. Stay tuned.

Update: I put in a fourth picture because how could I not include the amazing and huge paper toys created by Gianzo. They’ve inspired my nephew to want to make his own. In fact, you can make your own mini version by downloading the worksheet he created.


  1. very talented artists-looks like it was a fun place to be. Colors in the photos are great

  2. I am catching up your blog. What a great collection of fantastic photos! Great work!

    Jessica, a CDP blogger is missing! Please visit my page. Thank you.

  3. Nonna – Yes, it was a lot of fun. Always cool to be around creative people, as it makes you more creative as well. I want to see that toy when Jake is done!

    JM – Thank you very much. I have to catch up on yours as well, but I went by and saw your latest post on Iran and have put it up on my Twitter page. I pray he's alright.

  4. I..promoting this page to my friends… seems i dream to feel the art environment as i saw in this blog… keep it up… i'm your fan!


  6. Thanks Dieoair, I appreciate it!

    Simona – Grazie mille ๐Ÿ˜‰ I'm honored for the endorsement.

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