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Urban Portrait – via del Tritone

Posted on Jun 27, 2009 | 7 comments

This pedestrian underpass has been turned into a bookstore. A lot of these underpasses were built in the 1960s but almost all the ones I’ve seen are either closed and look like a garbage dump or are turned into some sort of store. The idea of the underpass is nice, but like many things here, the city doesn’t keep them well maintained so they become disgusting and dangerous and then must be closed. At least some are being put back to use, even if it’s as a store and not the original purpose.


  1. Wow! Very good blog!

  2. Beautiful view

  3. I thought you would only find these funky spaces in NY or Berlin, not Rome. Glad to know they are using these urban dump sites to make bookshops!

  4. I like this blog!

  5. After all these decades, I still haven't used the old, old pedestrian underpasses of Manila precisely for the reasons you stated. The new ones of Makati are nice though. I hope they stay that way.

  6. Excellent idea and a lot safer too.

  7. Thanks for the compliments Uma, JPT, and Fields!

    Aimee and Babooshka – Yeah, I think it's a good idea as well. I forgot to mention the one of via del Corso by Galleria Alberto Sordi is also a bookstore.

    Hilda – Isn't it strange this happens all over the world? You wonder why people keep constructing them if it always happens! I do remember going in underpasses in Munich years ago and they were quite well kept I must say.

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