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Whirlwind Weekend – Stick My Versus Update

Posted on Jun 14, 2009 | 5 comments

This coming week is gearing up to be a big one for me and I thought I’d share what’s happening. If you read the blog regularly you’ll know that I’m opening my own photo show tomorrow evening and also participating in the Stick My Versus event at Circolo degli Artisti on June 21. A few weekends ago you may remember I went to Garbatella with Omino71 and Mr. Klevra when they installed some of their posters on the public clotheslines you find there. However, this weekend was the real deal. Finally we were getting down to the big project that will comprise the bulk of my photography at Stick My Versus.

In keeping with the theme of taking their closing Versus show on the road, Omino71 and Mr. Klevra have been working like crazy to create a series of posters (some showing their individual styles and some collaborations) that would then be posted in a series of locations around Rome. Of course I was kept in the dark as to the actual locations they were postering until the last minute, but I guess that’s part of the surprise. My counterpart in the exhibit, Francesco Amorosino, got to follow and photograph them while they hung at night (I must admit, I was a bit jealous), while I was tasked with following up the next day to shoot the locations in daylight.

Let me just say this. If you know me, then you know I hate getting up in the morning. I am not an early riser by any means and if I can cheat 5 more minutes in bed, then I’ll do it. So you know this must be important to me when I tell you that I woke up at 5 am! Yes, 5 am! I checked my email and Francesco had faithfully written me directions via email (I found out later they arrived back at home just minutes before I woke up). I headed out to the southern part of Rome to begin my shoot before too much daylight appeared.

And so….9 locations and 7 hours later I got home. Yes, I returned to my house at noon. Not easy moving about without a car, but it was well worth it. The shot posted is of a sticker for the event that I found nearby some posters in Trastevere. Those boys…always busy with promoting! Was the tire really conveniently just there? It seems very “still life” to me. I’ll have to ask.

This project is really the first time I’ve shot something for someone else on a large scale. By this I mean that normally I do this for me (and you of course) and so if it doesn’t work out or doesn’t look good, no big deal. This time I really wanted to make sure I captured all the hard work they put into creating these works of art. Of course, I really want the pictures to look for myself as well, but also for them. Street art is a fleeting thing and is never meant to be permanent. Months and weeks of hard work can in theory be gone in less that 24 hours, leaving photographs as the only memory. It was also a cool challenge to see how I could make each location a bit different and try to represent the pieces as part of a larger urban context. As it got later in the day and more people were out I even got some questions about what I was doing, who the artists were, what the photos would be used for, which was a lot of fun.

To see the results come to Circolo degli Artisti next Sunday, June 21 starting at 7 pm. It’s free! I’ve got some good ideas for the installation, which will be different from what I’ve normally done. My stuff will be in the area marked “prive” which makes me laugh because I can only think of the “champagne room.” Also, if you read Italian and would like to know more about the event, the history, and organizers, check out this cool electronic booklet that tells you all about Stick My World.


An idea by Omino71
Organized by Omino71, No Brain, Satoboy, Gianzo, Mr.Klevra, Cut&Paste

Sunday 21 June 2009
Circolo Degli Artisti
Via Casilina Vecchia, 42 Roma
Starts 19.00 FREE ENTRY




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    In bocca al lupo per la mostra!!!

  4. Congratulations and good luck!

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