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Wolves on the Ponte Sisto

Posted on Jun 6, 2009 | 4 comments

I was told that someone had pasted silver wolves all over the Ponte Sisto about a month ago, but I didn’t get a chance to get over there until the other day, when I took the punkabestia photo. Some were slowly being scratched off, but there they were, lovely little silver leafed wolves lining the bridge and it seems they even carry on down part of the Lungotevere in Trastevere.

I couldn’t really find info on who was responsible for the installation. Anyone know?

Update: The fantastic Moscerina let me know that it’s a work by Kristin Jones, who is also responsible for the painted wolves along the banks of the Tiber. You can find more information about her project on Tevere Eterno. Thanks Moscerina!


  1. I love the wolves and was thinking this is part of Kristin Jone's most recent project but not sure. Tonsilitis makes my thoughts hazy but it really makes me appreciate the creepy election smiles in your previous post in a whole new light.

  2. Moscerina – Thanks! You would probably know better than I do who did it. I'll have to do some googling and see if that's right. Feel better!

  3. It is Kristin Jones! she did the wolves in 2005/6 on the embankment walls. I am so glad you spotted this!

  4. Awesome….thanks so much for solving the mystery! I'll update the post.

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