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Posted on Jul 16, 2009 | 7 comments

I grew up Italian American and so thought I knew a lot about Italian food, but even from my first stint as a study abroad student in the Veneto, I realized that I didn’t know much of anything. And one thing I definitely didn’t know about is the deliciousness that are arrosticini. If you had told me that I would be eating little grilled bits of castrated sheep meat on a skewer, and enjoying it immensely, I never would have believed you. Arrosticini come from the Abruzzo region and you normally order them in bunches (groups of 5 or 10 for instance). The meat is unbelievably tender and comes right off the stick. For me they’re especially enjoyable in the summer, maybe because they remind me of barbecuing back at home.


  1. Certainly looks good; maybe a little glass of something on the side as well, just to wash it down.

  2. Oh don't worry….you're supposed to wash it down with some nice red wine 🙂

  3. .. in Malaysia… we call it SATE… there have various.. search= sate

    🙂 enjoy..

  4. You just made me very hungry!!
    Well Done!

  5. Wow!! It´s familiary for me. It's in Brazil is named of "Espetinho". You found in any place at street and you can pay one real for eat. Nice Shot!

  6. Wow, I love all the comments about the equivalent in different countries. I've heard of shih kebabs and sate before (is that beef as well, in the US we normally eat chicken sate), but not espetinho. Just goes to show the world is small. Maybe I'll come visit someday and get to eat the local specialties in all of your countries!

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