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Blue Mary

Posted on Jul 2, 2009 | 5 comments

Here is another photograph of a street corner altar, this time on the via Cavour. It was actually right above the SPQR from yesterday. This photo is another case of playing with white balance, this time by accident. I forgot I’d left the camera set on tungsten light and snapped this, but I really loved how it came out. I wrote about white balance before in relation to the Turtle Fountain, and by looking at another image of the same corner, you’ll see how the tungsten setting cools things down and picks out the blues. It’s a really peaceful image for me and appropriate, given the that Virgin Mary usually wears blue. I love how in this case you see only the outline of what was painted. Another example of a very beautiful, and uniquely Italian, urban decay.


  1. OMG..I took a very similar picture on my way back from the plaza! Was the little blue 3 wheeled truck still parked near by ;)!?

  2. Lovely, & a wonderful memory, too.

    Really enjoying the blog.

    Cheers & ciao.

  3. Interesting tip and great photo!

  4. Love your Blog very inspiring

  5. Simone – Are you sure it's the same place? There's not a piazza that near by, but there are tons of similar altars. Haha the 3-wheeled truck! I'll take a pic of one sometime. They're called ape (AP-ay), which means bee.

    Giulia, Valerie, and Petergaye – Thanks very much!

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