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C215 in the Jewish Ghetto

Posted on Jul 10, 2009 | 8 comments

I shot this stencil by the French artist C215 in the Jewish Ghetto a few weeks ago. You’ll find a lot of his works, pretty much portraits, in this area of Rome. I found this really interesting interview with him online where he talks about the fact that most of his portraits are of refugees and homeless people and that he hopes his works will force people to observe more and call attention to their plight. It was interesting to me that he spoke about wishing people would take the time to observe. This is something that I’ve heard a lot of street artists speak about when asked and it’s actually something that I try to do often with my pictures. To slow people down and hope that they take the time to observe their environment.


  1. It's the first time I have seen one of these stencils, they're very effective; the colouring is great.

  2. Love this shot and such beautiful colours. I think he's right right – as photographs we have learned/are learning to really see and observe. I know I see my whole world totally differently now and I'm so grateful to my camera for it.

  3. Amazing! Thank you for sharing this artist. Do you know how long he has been doing these stencils in Rome? I wish I could have seen his work when I was there. It's something I'll look for if I visit again.

  4. I love C215! I saw some of his works when I was at the Cans Festival in London last year. You can see them in my Flickr! 🙂

  5. John – You should really check out more of his work, it's quite beautiful.

    Jilly -I completely agree, my camera has made me see the world differently too.

    Recessionista – Well he travels a lot so he's not fixed in one place. He was in Rome in March 2008 for an event at Brancaleone, but I'm not sure if these date to that time or are more recent.

    Lone Beader – How cool! You must have also seen Roman artists Sten and Lex and Lucamaleonte!

  6. 🙂 love it…

  7. This is beautiful! And what an interesting subject and mission. I think photographers everywhere have the same goal to see and bring attention to things that might otherwise go unnoticed, but the idea of helping society in some way through photography is something that I had not really considered a possibility…until now.

  8. Ciao Nikki – That's so sweet! It makes me happy to think you have a new perspective now.

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