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Festa dei Noantri

Posted on Jul 19, 2009 | 16 comments

For the first time I went out to view the opening procession of the Feast of Santa Maria del Carmine, better know here as the Festa dei Noantri. I went with a friend who lives in Trastevere and told me how each year the Virgin Mary is dressed a different outfit made by local seamstresses. She noted that this year was more traditional with the blue and a bit less elaborate overall, so maybe that economic crisis is hitting everywhere! This was the opening procession (there are a few others I’ll list below), as well as a bunch of different masses. One thing we all noticed was how the elderly population of Trastevere was out in full force, following the procession, singing the traditional songs, etc. One of the major differences I’ve noticed is how active the elderly community still is here. I have a photo I shot yesterday for that, so I’ll leave that topic for a different post! Though not as big as the procession I shot on the Immacolata (which makes sense given this is a neighborhood feast), it was still quite beautiful with a band playing and even Alemanno attended. This is the first time my friend has seen a mayor attend the procession, so maybe this is his way of saying again how traditionally Roman he is? Who knows? All I know is that for now the Virgin Mary is resting safely inside the church of San Crisogono. On July 26 at 7:30 pm there is another procession that will move her to Santa Maria in Trastevere and then a final early morning one of July 27 at 6:30 am to move her back to Sant’ Agata, where she spends the rest of the year. These local neighborhood feasts are quite common, Monti had theirs a few months ago, but the Festa de Noantri is probably one of the more famous in the city, especially for tourists. For an interesting take on the festival, read this excerpt from 1842 where a priest describes what he saw during the procession. Enjoy other pics from yesterday’s procession in the slideshow.


  1. This is gorgeous, thanks.

  2. Heavenly photo! What an elaborate and beautiful float upon which to carry Mary! I hope the woman in the window started to pay attention so she didn't miss much! Put the cellphone down! Grazie mille! Ciao

  3. Yes, I love the way the woman with the mobile phone is in the picture, I suspect she may be using the camera in the phone rather than making a call.

  4. Thanks Julie!

    Leif and John – Yeah, I framed this shot purposely to include the woman in the window. I think she might be using her photo camera as well, though in a few other shots she's also talking on the phone. 🙂

  5. Great photos! Alemanno attended in 2008 also, according to this: (I missed him yesterday)

    The first year I was in Rome I woke up one morning and saw this out the window and it scared be bejeesus out of me, like going to sleep and waking up in the Wicker Man. Was out for a drink last night and they were still parading her around (albeit minus the canopy and therefor a bit unstable and askew) well after midnight.

  6. The madonna was gorgeous in that blue..
    soooo classic Mary! love the pics!

  7. The woman inthe window makes this photo exceptional!

  8. I agree with the other comments.

    The combination of a cell phone and a very tradition procession with the Madonna is amazing.

    Great photo.

  9. Jessica, you shouldn't also miss the next one (the closing one) on the 26th of july "Processione della Madonna Fiumarola" where the procession starts from Ponte Milvio, and floating on the tevere river, the Madonna comes to Santa Maria in Trastevere!

  10. aaaaaaaah such grandmother use to make the costumes for the saints used in her local church..I once asked her if they were the priests and nun's Barbie dolls ..:| – this image brought back that memory..thank you lol…

  11. Reminds me of the feasts in the North End of Boston I used to go to a long time ago-beautiful photos-the traditional with the modern (lady on the cell)

  12. Wonderful shot. I love the way you captured the woman in the window.

  13. very wonderful.Beautiful photos.Thanks for tht.

  14. Bravo!
    This is just SUPERB!

  15. Hi everyone, glad you all like the photo and I'm happy you all noticed the woman in the window, the contrast really made the shot for me.

    Helena – Haha I can see how this would be a bit weird to wake up to. And thanks for the scoop about Alemanno.

    Stefano – Missed the closing ceremony unfortunately because I was away. Did you get good pics?

  16. Noticed the woman in the photo.True.Yes it made a beautiful contrast.Have a good day.

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