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  1. I love this picture. Your photos are fantastic and make me want to visit Rome…and I will one day!

  2. Mary make sure you make trip to Rome, I was there about ten years ago. The beauty of Rome and Venice still vivid in my mind.

  3. Just breathtaking.

  4. Perfect in monochrome. I am assuming you took this at night with the shadows.

  5. Mary – Yes, you definitely have to take a trip here!

    NYC – Thanks very much. You should check out Coppede, it's a cute and weird little area.

    Dusty – Actually it was in complete daylight! I underexposed the shot by a ton because the sunlight hitting in the lighter sections was so bright that otherwise it was coming out weird. I really liked the dynamism of the sculpture and the deep shadow, just had to underexpose it to get the effect I wanted.

  6. the piece of art is good and the way it is presented here is even better.I would rather visit Rome with you as a guide..:)

  7. I must have missed this fountain on my visit to Rome, nice detail.

  8. Mayank – Well thanks very much! Just think of me as your virtual guide.

    Steffe – Coppede is off the track for most people and in fact, this is the first time I've gotten around to going. An easy way to arrive is the 19 tram to Piazza Buenos Aires (right of viale Regina Margherita).

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