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Guest Post: The Estate Romana

Posted on Jul 24, 2009 | 5 comments

The following is a guest post by Stefano Giordano. (Thanks Stefano!)

The “Estate Romana” (Roman summer event) is something every Roman waits for during the long and cold winter nights.

Starting from June a lot of events take place all around Rome, from the city center’s most famous places like Trastevere and Testaccio, to all the suburbs.

Open air markets, readings, dance arenas, live concerts, cabaret, cinema and even a sand beach just under Castel S.Angelo!

One of my favorites is Villa Celimontana Jazz Festival, a jazz festival that takes place in a wonderful garden (villa in italian) that lies just between the Terme di Caracalla and Palatine Hill and Colosseum!

Every summer, in this beautiful park of centuries old oaks and pine trees, the best jazz musicians from around the world (Manhattan Transfer, Macy Gray, Brad Melhdau, Incognito and Paolo Fresu just to mention some) play their music in this wonderful setting.

Better than ever, the open air shows can be photographed with no problem, allowing me to capture some magic moments.

-Stefano Giordano
Italian amateur photographer and web programmer, loves reading, listening to music, travelling, cinema and meeting people from everywhere.
Visit my personal homepage at and my facebook and twitter


  1. Thanks, Jessica I am honoured you asked me 🙂

  2. always make me miss Rome soooo an achingly wonderful way!

  3. That sounds like such a wonderful time-wish I was there

  4. Stefano, fabulous website. Oh, and nice post too. Your description sounds just like I feel about our short summers here in Minneapolis.


  5. Hi everyone, I'm back! Stefano, thank you for the wonderful post and photo! It was my pleasure to have you on the blog.

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