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Love Lockdown on Ponte Milvio

Posted on Jul 12, 2009 | 11 comments

Padlocks on the Ponte Milvio, one of the oldest bridges in Rome. What’s the story behind the locks? Basically it’s to pledge your eternal love to your boyfriend/girlfriend and is taken from a best selling book turned film based in Rome. There’s good articles about the sources both from the New York Times and from a Roman himself on Spotted by Locals.

Call me a cynic but it’s seems kind of silly to me, though the locks did make for some nice shots in the late afternoon sun. All I could think of when thinking about a title for the blog was Kanye West’s song Love Lockdown. Seemed appropriate.


  1. wow-that's crazy-wonder how many loves REALLY last-interesting site

  2. Super-cool! There's something similar in China on a famous mountain (Can't remember the name.)

  3. Hopefully noone feels like they're locked in an awful relationship! Who holds the keys??! Fun and usual capture! Ciao

  4. The first pic is superb. It's nice to the belief is still there.

  5. As you say, strange idea, but good photo opportunity. Do the locks class as litter?

  6. Pretty golden glow lighting! Nice subject, too.

    Sure, the love lasts until one of 'em can find a hacksaw!

  7. Marvellous but good photo taken. Great shot.

  8. Hi Jessica,
    I'm thinking I read about locks on another bridge closer to the Centro. And as I recall the locks were outlawed there and possibly cut off–though I don't remember the last for sure.
    Does this sound familiar or am I confusing my memory with this one?

  9. Wow, that's really cool. I like the depth of field in these

  10. Stevo – Really? I'd be interested to see a picture of the Chinese version!

    Joan – Nope, it's this bridge. It's actually not far outside the historic center, but just far enough that not many tourists go. The locks were taken down from the lamps on the bridge because one collapsed. These locks are on special bars put up to hold them.

    Twincy – Thanks! I was trying to get a good DOF and sense of the shining light.

    And everyone, I'm glad you think along the same lines as me —- do these "love" locks really last??

  11. Hi Jessica, long time passed since i came for the last time.. but thanks to the RSS i can read everything yoi wrote and shot!, Great shot alla around and really cool this one.

    A funny thing about theese locks… often some gyspsy people were caught collecting (stealing) them so they can sell the metal they get from them… a romantic way to increase economy i think..

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