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Street Performer Outakes

Posted on Jul 20, 2009 | 12 comments

If you haven’t read the news or checked out my slideshow about street art/street performers in Rome on, please do so! It’s hard saving up good pics and now showing them to you guys first, but patience paid off. Of course not everything I submitted could be used, so here are three favorites that didn’t make the cut. First is a “cowboy” who acts as a living sculpture in Piazza Navona. Give him a coin and he’ll raise his pistol. I wonder how hard it is for him to get that makeup off every night. The second is a guitarist on the via del Corso, playing his song as the crowds go by. The third is a beautifully done tag on the via del Pigneto in the neighborhood of Pigneto.


  1. I wonder, who made the most money? The three photos are excellent. I hope you know that.

    Your visit will count and help me Make History.
    Pick a Peck of Pixels

  2. I really like 2 & 3; and if I had to choose, I think the guitar would be my favourite.

  3. Great photos! I like photo 1 the best and the guitar guy as "runner-up!"

  4. didn't see the cowboy in piazza navona when i was there in late february…perhaps he works summers only 🙂
    the tag capture is beautiful.

  5. especially love the cowboy-he looks like a statue-I often wondered how they get all that makeup off and on-especially the ones that are guilded in gold

  6. I love these photos. The color on the mural shot is so vibrant.

  7. Love todays shots!
    By the way, a more intricate form of graffiti such as the number three image above, is referred to as a 'piece' rather than a 'tag. A tag is usually a small (Mostly) one lined submission.

  8. More enjoyable pix! I have a favorite from Piazza Navona that I am going to try to send you via Context. It will come from gmail since that seems to be the only way Picasa will send them
    By the way many years ago I wandered over to Trastevere for the festival you pictured. I knew about it but not procession so my main memory is of my first taste of a porchetto sandwich, well worth the trek.

  9. This is great….I love hearing which ones you guys like best and why!

    JT – Thanks for the correction on the terminology. Seems more appropriate as a word choice than tag, which I think of as mainly the small marker or simple spray ones.

    Joan – Great! Look forward to the pic. A porchetta sandwich is a mighty fine memory.

  10. Love your photos! Thanks for sharing these great captures!

  11. Your street photography is getting quite good. Well done.

  12. Thanks Meg and Snapshutter! So funny I started out not liking street photography and now it's one of my favorites.

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