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Posted on Jul 7, 2009 | 8 comments

Building on the via del Quirinale.


  1. It's a bit much, don't you think, symmetry-wise? *Very* symmetrical! 😉

  2. love it.

  3. As you said very symmetrical.

  4. When I was in Rome, I couldn't stop taking pictures of windows and doors (mainly windows.) The colors, the patterns, and the symmetry were absolutely irresistable. Beautiful picture, and makes me wish it was November already so I could be back there!

  5. Saretta – Haha, yes it is very symmetrical, but I also framed it in a way to make it even more so. I think it's cool but I would be annoyed if all the buildings were like this. One thing I like about Rome is that you have everything, from this to urban decay to crazy Baroque facades.

    Thanks Erin and Steffe!

    Kari – Windows and doors do make great subjects. I love photographing architecture and you have a lot of variety here. Don't worry, November will come soon enough!

  6. Oh, Jessica! Beautiful lighting. You came around at just the right time. That orange and taupe make a pretty color combination, don't they? But I am very partial to orange. It is just such a happy color.

  7. I agree with Nikki about the lighting and the color combo.

    I love when you take photos of buildings. Forces us to really see them.

  8. Thanks Nikki and NYC – Definitely the combination of the color and architectural elements are what made me take notice.

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