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The Ultimate Souvenir

Posted on Jul 7, 2009 | 11 comments

I was in the Euro Store (which I still seem to call the “Dollar” Store even though there are no dollars here) today with a friend and ran across this fabulous souvenir, which I immediately wasted my money on. A cool three euro and several clicks of the camera later and here we are. Here’s the thing….I don’t even smoke. However, the minute I saw this amazingly cheesy ashtray, which comes straight out of 1975, I had to purchase it to photograph. Do you think when Bramante, Michelangelo, Maderno, and Bernini all worked on St. Peter’s they imagined in their wildest dreams that it would be imposed on this tin ashtray? Maybe. I mean Rome has been a site for tourism for much of its history, whether it be for religious pilgrimage or leisure, so I’m sure the cheesy souvenir market was long ago captured. Someday I’ll get a snap of the Pope lollipops and Pope snow globes, but this will have to do for now. And at least my roommate can get some use out of the ashtray.

In blog related news, check out the newest edition of Disco Underworld, which features a nice article on myself and RomePhotoBlog. It’s a cool online magazine out of New Zealand and if you vote for me at the end of the article I’ll have to possibility to get featured in the end of the year print version.

I’ll be out of town for work until Friday evening, so replies to comments and posting will be sporadic, if at all, depending on my internet connection.


  1. Very cool. I quit smoking many years ago and hopefully the rest of the world will follow. But I agree with you it really screams mid 1970ths.

  2. Love it!!! Note to self..Euro Store next time – which section of Rome?

  3. Congratulations on the write up. And that ashtray just nearly makes me want to start smoking again. Ha!

  4. That's so funny Jess-great topic

  5. LOL! I love it! I didn't even know it WAS an ashtray. Very kitschy.

    Oh, yeah. Cheesy souvenirs have been around for ages. You can even read about a riot that a souvenir/idol maker named Demetrius caused in Ephesus when he felt that Paul's preaching was eating into his business. It is quite funny. (Acts 19:23-41)

  6. Ha. This is great.

  7. Why is it that you had to pay €3 in the Euro shop? Here they call them "everything for €1" but lots of items cost more!

  8. Haha, glad you all appreciate the kitschy humor of it.

    Simone – This one was on via Cavour, but you'll find Euro stores all over.

    Saretta – Oh you know how the Euro stores are….there's always stuff that's not a euro! Seems a bit of a misnomer, but it was like that in the US as well.

  9. what ultimate souvenir ?

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