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Toward the Heavens

Posted on Jul 21, 2009 | 2 comments

Another capture from the Festa dei Noantri procession, I really loved how the light was captured in the face of this nun as she walked along. I think she was probably looking up at the canopy that was holding the Virgin Mary. She looks rather serene, no? Obviously living in Rome you run into many nuns and members of the clergy, and as a friend once rightly said, they’re always interesting to photograph. Here she actually reminds me a bit of Raphael’s St. Catherine.

I’m leaving on a short summer break this evening and so for the rest of the week I’ll have some posts scheduled, including one guest post. I’ll be back live and in person on Sunday evening. Hopefully tanner and well rested too!


  1. this photo caught my eye too on your other site-she is so serene,holy–its a look that only comes to true believers-you can see it in their faces-beautiful shot Jess

  2. I agree with Nonna. It is the expression on the 2nd face that gets me… ??? acceptance? contentment? Great shot.

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