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Fontanone at Night

Posted on Aug 9, 2009 | 4 comments

My last photo shows a couple in front of the Fontanone with the streaking tail light of a car leaving a red trail toward them. This photo shows a better view of the fountain, with it’s lovely aqua water. You can find a nice history of the fountain, as well as a cool panoramic photo of it from a few years ago on the blog Panoramic Images o the World. It really is a fantastic view and worth going up. Until September 10 there is a nice bar next to the fountain, so you can sip a cocktail, enjoy the view of the city, and take in the beauty of the fountain. I went up last night with a colleague to visit one of the waiters from my local bar in Monti, who is working up there for the summer. To get back down into the city we just hopped on the circular 115 bus and that left us down in viale Trastevere, where it’s then easy to catch the tram back into Largo Argentina.


  1. Bellissimo! Wonderful night fountain foto!

  2. A really well lit photo, well done.

  3. Beautiful photo!

  4. Que bello! Tanti saluti. Steven D!

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