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Jessica Stewart Photography Launched

Posted on Aug 24, 2009 | 5 comments

Jessica Stewart Photography

As I mentioned a few days ago, I’ve been working on creating a website for my photography that will compliment the blog and I just launched it on Sunday. There will be a few tweaks and customizations coming along in the future thanks to some of my creative friends donating their talent, but check it out for now and let me know your feedback! Readers of the blog will recognize most photos, but there are also some great shots up there that never made it on this site for one reason or another.

Jessica Stewart Photography


  1. Congrats!! Waiting for the coffee to brew so I can take a moment with your wonderful photos!

  2. Hello Jessica,

    at first I wish good luck for creating your new website.

    Furthermore I want to tell you, that I use LinkWithin, too, after I've seen it on your blog. It's a wonderful addition to Blogger, which makes the handling easier for the readers.

    I wish you a sunny Monday afternoon.

    Steven D! from Germany

  3. Thanks guys!

    Steven – Glad you like the LinkWithin, it's a great tool, no? I actually did the same as you…I first saw it on Prague Daily Photo (which you should check out, it's wonderful) and then used it on my site.

  4. Good morning Jessica,
    thanks for the tipp "Prague Daily Photo". It's a great sight and I've signed up immediately.
    Greetings to Rome from

  5. Very exciting news and great idea.


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