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SPQR 2.0

Posted on Aug 29, 2009 | 4 comments

Walking along the via Cavour last night I saw this perfectly cast shadow of the SPQR lettering. It’s from the top of a public space for signs and billboards. To see the “reverse” angle and explanation of SPQR, see version 1.0.


  1. that is so cool-

  2. Wow, cool photo! I love how your images of Rome often show the "layers" of time in the city from ancient to modern.

  3. we saw this everywhere while we were in Rome and wondered what it meant, thanks for the explanation. & this is a wonderful lovely shot too.

  4. Recessionista – Thanks, it's odd how often it happens that something modern can look old in the right light.

    Lily – Glad I could help you solve the mystery!

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