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The Bicycle Thief

Posted on Aug 7, 2009 | 5 comments

Sorry I’ve been a bit silenziosa on the comments and blog over the past few days. I’ve been quite busy at work and last night I went out to Ostia to photograph Mr. Klevra in action painting some Byzantine icon style pieces on a serranda. This sign caught my eye because it’s the first time I’ve ever seen a stolen bike add in Rome. Unfortunately, as I’ve seen from friends, bikes get stolen quite often here in Rome. I even had a friend who had one pedal stolen while we were out getting drinks. What are you going to do with one pedal! Unfortunately I don’t think there’s much hope for recovery of the bike, but hey, why not try?


  1. That's too bad, nice bike, though.

  2. Love his easy-to-remember number! ;-p

  3. A forlorne hope I suspect, but well spotted.

  4. Just recently found your blog. It's awesome!!!! I love Rome!!! I spent there a wonderful year of my life. Thank you for taking me back there.

  5. Ha! I just watched the movie for the first time. I wasn't aware that many people still rode bicycles in the city. When I was there, I think I saw one person riding a bicycle in five months… and a whole lot of motorinos.

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