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Urban Portrait – via Baccina

Posted on Aug 4, 2009 | 3 comments

What made me laugh was that one the Senso Unico (One Way) sign, there is a sticker that says “A Roma Solo La Lazio” meaning the Lazio soccer team. Also notice the tag that reads “TAK.” I don’t know who TAK is, and I’m not a huge fan of tagging like this because I just don’t get it (sorry!), but I do have to say that this guy is literally everywhere. TAK, REPS, and Moth as the three tags that I see all over no matter where I do or where I look. For sheer volume it’s fairly impressive.


  1. Impressive? How about the sign of a real pain-in-the-*#@ personality! I'm all for graphic art, but this kind of graffiti is the same as throwing garbage on the sidewalk, in my opinion.

  2. Saretta – As I said, impressive for quantity, not for quality. I just always think "How is it possible to cover so much ground. What the heck does this guy do?"

  3. Love this photo. Great colors, textures.

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