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Citofono I

Posted on Sep 3, 2009 | 0 comments

So those of you who read the blog regularly know that I often am struck by the simplest of things. To be honest, it’s not like I go around thinking about random things all the time, but sometimes when you’re out with the camera things “strike” you. And so was born my “citofono” photos, the first of which I’m posting today.

What is a citofono? It’s just the buzzer you ring when you need to be let into an apartment, but walking down via Cavour last weekend I noticed them more than usual and all the different ways they were lit. It also got me thinking about the housing situation here. Don’t even get me started on residency, contracts, etc, but let’s just say that it’s a big deal to have your name engraved on the citofono because they means you are the owner or legal resident (usually) of the house. Which is why you will often have someone living in an apartment and a completely different name on the outside buzzer. We’ll see different examples as we go along, but I picked this one first because of the great last name “Innocenzi” and the presence of the empty buzzers. You’ll see that one of the empty ones seems to have had tape on top. Probably someone who had attached their name with tape outside since they couldn’t get their name engraved on the plate. What is the story with these spaces? The buttons are worn, they must have been used at one time….why are they empty now?

To be continued……

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