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En plein air

Posted on Sep 16, 2009 | 10 comments

I spied this kid painting in Piazza del Popolo the other day and I thought it was fantastic. He looked about 15 or 16 years old, plugs in his ears, baseball cap and backpack, but then with his apron on and seriously contemplating the landspace to complete his canvas. Bravo!


  1. Dear Jessica. I like this photo with a boy, like you write, painting something that he see in Piazza del Popolo. I don't know Rome, but I believe that each part of the city will be interssting to paint or take picture, like you do.
    I will try to follow your blog.
    If you time you can visit my photo blog
    Paulo Camacho

  2. Is that young man an American with those sneakers and baseball cap? or is he Italian?

  3. Ciap Paulo – Thanks for stopping by. I'll have a look right now at your blog!

    Anon – I pretty sure he is Italian. (They wear baseball caps and sneakers too!)

  4. Great photo.

  5. Very nice shot.

    I love that area of Rome. Villa Borghese Park is lovely.

  6. It's a great photo. Kids are wonderfully casual and so creative, too. Love his sneakers!!

  7. one of my favorite spots in rome…so looking forward to returning in february.

  8. Though I think it is a great click…
    but I also think it could have been better if we could see more of painting and a little landscape…….

    Still the picture depicts very much of a carefree young life

  9. great angle…

  10. Thanks everyone!

    Mayank – I agree, but I was trying to get this shot without him realizing, which made it harder and I had my 50 mm lens on. I got a few farther out, but didn't like them as much.

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