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Evening Stroll – San Paolo

Posted on Sep 6, 2009 | 3 comments

Last week I went out to see how the posters I’d shot for Mr. Klevra and Omino71 a few months back were holding up. Partly because of my curiosity, but also for new material to include in my show opening at Hobo Art Club on September 11 about my collaboration with them. This poster was no longer there, but I loved the capture of this couple having an evening stroll in the city. The train riding by is the Metro B, as the overpass is right by the San Paolo Basilica metro.

A quick forewarning to everyone that this week is probably one of the busiest for me all year with work and my show, so updates will be sporadic….apologies!


  1. I love the slow shutter speed in "evening stoll" – having the cars and the metro whiz by chaotically as the couple enjoys a romantic evening together. Beautiful.

  2. Brava! Great to see that Rome is not just postcard material! I love your unusal photos, they remind me of the great era of Italian black and white comedy, miles away from the monuments and deep into true 'unrestored' Rome. As an example, since Via Cavour seems to be one of your favourite spots, "La banda degli onesti" with comedians Toto' and Peppino de Filippo was shot there.
    Thanks from a native Roman!

  3. Peter – Thank so much! Haha they could just be going to the grocery store for all I know, but I prefer to think of a romantic stroll.

    Conte – Grazie per il commento! I'm glad you like my view of the city. I'm not sure if via Cavour is one of my favorite spots….it just happens that I work nearby so I end up there a lot! I will have to watch the movie you're talking about though….I have a lot of Italian cinema to catch up on.

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