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Friday Night in Pigneto

Posted on Sep 13, 2009 | 3 comments

We’ve seen a bit of Pigneto before when I wrote about Zilda’s Toto poster and posted an Urban Portrait there. These photos capture the essence of evening’s in Pigneto, where a huge crowd comes out late night to hang out on the via del Pigneto. This pedestrian street is the heart of the neighborhood and where you’ll find a lot of small bars and places to eat. The crowd is young, vibrant, and hip and there’s always a lot happening here, especially on the weekend. Don’t bother showing up before 10 pm or so, as this is an area that doesn’t get going until late night. Below the first photo you’ll see the yummy porchetta sandwich and beer I enjoyed after my opening at Hobo Art Club. A special thank you to Genevieve, a reader who happened to be in town during the show and made it to the opening. She and her husband are celebrating their 3rd anniversary….so happy anniversary!

Some other places I like in Pigneto:

Chiccen (spelled in this way so that in Italian you would pronounce it like the English “kitchen”): Cute interior and tons of good and quick dishes to choose from. I had an amazing eggplant parmigiana with prosciutto before my opening. via del Pigneto 91

Vini et Olii – This is where everyone is standing in the top photo and where I got my porchetta sandwich for 3 euro. It’s been in the neighborhood forever! via del Pigneto 18

For more about Pigneto, there was a great article published in Australia’s Gourmet Traveler this past spring.


  1. What a great blog you have. Very nice photos!!! I'm hungry for that sandwich and beer now!

  2. Via del Pigneto is definitely a good time if you're looking for night life. I hung out there a few times a few years back. I'm actually here in Roma late right now – posting this comment at 1am – but it's for work, not play! :-\

  3. Ciao Virginia – Thanks so much! Haha just looking at the sandwich makes me hungry again.

    Peter – Hope you had some time to enjoy Rome, though I know business trips don't allow for that. It's true, via del Pigneto is small, but a good spot for hanging out at night.

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