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It’s My Birthday!

Posted on Sep 1, 2009 | 27 comments

Ok, well it’s not MY birthday, but it is the birthday of RomePhotoBlog. That’s right, exactly one year ago today I wrote my first post. To be honest I didn’t think that anyone would even read it (besides my mom, of course), but I’ve been pleasantly surprised and humbled by the number of people who have taken the time to log on, read my blog, write emails, and make comments. Really knowing that people were actually looking at the blog made me want to go out and take even more pictures. It’s completely amazing to me how much has happened in the past year. When I started this blog I was in a rut and feeling down and needed an excuse to put myself out there more. I never would have imagined all the interesting opportunities that would have come from this, whether it be exhibits, getting published on Budget Travel, or meeting new people. Here’s to another year in the life of Rome (and my life in Rome).

As for the photo, it’s one of the first I published on the blog and probably the first one I shot that I was really happy with. A symptom of all the random photos to come, it’s just my caffettiera on the stove.


  1. Tanti Auguri! You have a great future as a photographer. Your photos tell the story of everyday Rome.

  2. Happy Birthday! Thank you for your continued sharing of your much loved city!

  3. Jessica! Happy Birthday to both of us! September 2 is also my birthday! But here in Rio is still day 1 …

    "Auguri" and "Feliz Aniversário"!


  4. Congratulations… gotta love an anniversary, this weekend for me it was celebrating a year of living away from the family nest.

  5. Happy Birthday! 🙂

  6. Bravo!!:-)

  7. Congratulations and: Tanti auguri, Jessica! 🙂
    I hope we'll see a lot of great shots furthermore.
    Steven D!

  8. Tanti auguri a jessica e a Romephotoblog 🙂

  9. Happy B-Day RomePhtoBlog!

  10. Auguri!!

    I love how you capture this amazing, beautiful, crazy city.


  11. Congrats! There are few blogs I visit daily…and this is one of them. You do a great job! Keep it up!

  12. congratulations! i hope that one day my blog would be just as popular as yours. keep those pictures coming!

  13. Happy Birthday! Since six-months I'm a roman girl in german exile and your blog makes me feel Rome closer and appreciate it more. Keep it up!

  14. Congrats!!
    Good work is always appreciated.
    I hope it continues..


  15. Bravo! I look forward to reading you every day and enjoying your pictures.

  16. Thank you for the kind words and encouragement everyone!

  17. Hi Jessica – Happy Anniversary to Rome Photo Blog – you're doing a great job and I thank you for sharing your beautiful work.

  18. Happy Birthday I've just started looking at your blog. I went to Rome a long time ago for Art History class aswell, I'll be returning in November with my family and I can't wait! Thank you for all your great images.

  19. Congrats!!! 🙂

    It's been so much fun reading your blog and seeing Rome through your eyes. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  20. Tanti auguri Jessica! 1 anno ben portato.

  21. Happy Blogaversary!! I love looking at your photos. 🙂

  22. Happy Birthday on your Rome photo blog, Jessica.
    I recall dropping by to view your pics, not as often these days there are so many out there. Just cannot keep up so often now, especially since I started my Leeds daily Photography blog

  23. Well, HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY! Well-earned. Cheers for another year of great pics and exciting material!

  24. Happy birthday !! Continua così. foto bellissime e post sempre interessanti. Ciao!

  25. happy Birthday to your blog… on my own birthday! I was born in Los Angeles 59 years ago, and have been living in Rome for the last two years. I always enjoy your photoblog, helping me to appreciate even more things about this great city. Grazie, Larry

  26. A perfect photograph to celebrate the birthday of your blog. I'm late but Happy Birthday anyway. Always enjoy my visits to your blog, Jessica, especially when there is an espresso on the go…

  27. I, too, am a bit late, but happy anniversary anyway! Mine (the 3rd) was on the 1st. I'm not as faithful anymore as I should be, but it's still fun and challenging! May your next year be as fulfilling as your first!

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